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PostSubject: 32,800,000-00   Sun Jan 21, 2007 9:25 pm

You may be surprised to receive my letter. However, I got your
contact as a result of my despirate desire for assistance,though
this mail is unsolicited I pray you to consider it .
INTERNET would not have been the best means of communicating this
offer to you due to the abuse of the internet services, but as a
result of my condition I have no better option , email is faster and
safer as prefered by others, please consider this proposition of
mine. My name is MR. JAMES KAZINI, I was a Personal Assistant to the
Late Democratic Republic Of Congo President; LAURENT KABILA, who was
My aim of writing to you is because of the need for a trusted and
honest person, who I can entrust the sum of US$32,800,000
(thirty two million, eight hundred thousand USDollars).
Source of the money: I and the late president secured this money in
security firm, in my name before his death. Now that he is late, I
want to transfer the money out of the security company because of
the insecurity of the money ,for investment in your country, I can not
travel out of the country where I am on asylum,hence I am asking for
your assistance to have this money in your care pending when I will
secure travel documents to come over to your country.
If you accept this offer we shall share the money as follows: for
you 25%, 75% for me. I have the title document to the fund which I
can transfer to you to enable you have access to the money.Be assured
that is risk-free and legitimate. Please advise me on your
position immediately.
I await your prompt reply via this email address:
Best Regards.
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