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 Scam Profile.

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PostSubject: Scam Profile.   Mon Oct 29, 2007 7:59 am

Although some of the entries in this thread are humorous, their overriding purpose is to provide the unsuspecting person an insight to scams and cons. These devious predatorsí intend to steal your identity and finances. These dangers are a very real threat and have numerous variations. They have provided vast wealth to a multi billion dollar criminal industry for many years.
Hopefully by showing these scams and cons, we can aide in helping to stop personal information being stolen, and end the cloning of someoneís identity that would lead to their bank account and financials being depleted. Identity theft has been increasing each year over the last decade. Sadly there are no signs of a reduction in the near future and unless the public becomes aware of the problem, it will keep growing year by year.

The overall burning questions are:-
* Why does a stranger want to send you Millions of $?
* How can you win if you donít enter the competition?
* How can I win a lottery if I didnít buy a ticket?
* Why does the whole of Nigeria and the African continent want to give me money?
* Why do they all want personal information?
* Why are most of the contact e mail addresses generic like Hotmail or Yahoo?

You wouldn't fall for these scams at work or while shopping, don't fall for them on the Internet!!!

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Scam Profile.
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