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 The Chinese Nigerian

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PostSubject: The Chinese Nigerian   The Chinese Nigerian Icon_minitimeFri Nov 23, 2007 9:41 am

I am Mr Tai Lin ,branch manager in one of the leading
banks here in shanghai china. I respectfully seek your
sincere conscent in this profitable proposal that i
will explain to you.
Six(6) years ago, precisely on tuesday Nov 6, 2001,a
british oil consultant/contractor with the chinese
mineral cooperation, deposited a numbered sum of
Thirty million united states dollars(30,000,000 USD)
in my branch valid for twelve calender months.

On maturity, notification was sent to him umpteently
but no response was forth coming. Thorough
investigations were made and it was revealed by his
contract employees; the Chinese Solid Mineral
Cooperation that he died from an unfortunate
mishap.All paper works in my bank revealed that he did
not declare any next of kin or relations.No one will
ever come for this money.

The law in place here in the republic of China
stipulates that after six(6) years such monies are
reverted to the chinese government.I want the money
moved out of my bank as soon as possible before this
long standing banking law is implemented and the money
getting to top corrupt chinese government officials.

Consequently, my demand from you is your conscent to
stand as the next of kin to this late man's funds
which I have total control over; be urgently
transferred to any account provided by you in any part
of the world.This transfer will go through several
legal stages that will undoubtdly put you in place as
the next of kin and eliminate any form of risk. A
hired attorney will prepare the necessary documents
that will legalize the procedures leading to the final
transfer of the funds.My position here will speed up
the legal procedures.

Upon successful transfer into the account, we will
share the money in the ratio 80% for me and 20% for
you.For futher correspondences with you,I will like
you to provide to me:

Your Names in Full:
Your Permanent Home Address:
confidential Tel and Fax no:

Please keep this confidential and lets do our best to
see the end of this rewarding proposal.I will like to
build a high level of trust with you and would require
your assistance in investing my share in your country.

I urgently await your conscent.

Thanks and regards.

Mr. Tai Lin
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The Chinese Nigerian
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